Mikey Brain is an Ibiza based visual artist, abstract painter and illustrator. As an abstract painter his work is planned yet spontaneous, combining the contrived and impromptu, developing through experimentation. Mikey’s Illustration and figurative work blends conventional character and figurative techniques with slight abstract tweaks, often-referencing different eras, tribes, races, religions and cultures within the same piece of work. Mikey’s Art is informed by his deep interests in the timeless themes that link the earliest of human tribes to modern man, such as; love, ritual, violence, sex, mortality, morbidity, and faith/spirituality. These topics are embodied in his works’ subversive attitude toward mainstream taboo and consensus.

After moving from London to Ibiza, Mikey can be recently found painting live on Wednesdays for Paradise at the legendary DC10 nightclub, and has been painting murals and creating bespoke landscape art in villa’s across the island. Mikey is also a regular collaborator with the Hot Creations record Label, creating their unique, weird and wonderful EP designs.

Exhibiting in London, Leeds, Ibiza and Birmingham he has participated in live art battles, illustrated for various record labels, provided live art experiences for festivals, events and live music shows and has created a bespoke hotel room in Ibiza.


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